I love working in this style because there are very few rules. It’s the style that my wife and I choose to work in a sub-division I designed and built in North Asheville, called Beaver Creek. The property overlooked 1,000’ of bucolic creek and bottom land, the BEST, but possibly the most difficult I had ever designed on. The end result was fantastic and the perfect place to raise our four kids. While showing it to a prospective client, he decided he would buy it. As our children were successfully moving out, this enabled us to simplify and downsize our lives and we remodeled the “Mid-Century Modern” home mentioned on this site.

We had to be out in a month so, while we were “Homeless” and waiting to start the remodel, we took our then 7 and 9 year old’s out of school and travelled for 6 months in Western Europe. This story is also available on this site in my ”book” called “A Road Simply Traveled”.

This shingle style home is in the Biltmore Forest. To take advantage of the best view and sun, the screened porch is on the front corner, high enough above the road to still allow privacy. The flaired stone base gives the home a solid character while the front porch gives is a warm and inviting side, unlike so many of the McMansions which Owners did NOT care for.